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1 in 4 Patients With Cognitive Disorders Is Misdiagnosed.

Shepherd Healthcare Solutions Untangles The Uncertainties. 

Shephed Healthcare Solutions

Our Cognitive Test is FDA Approved. It is an objective biomarker system offering clarity in a field of complexity by facilitating an objective evaluation of patients with cognitive disorders.  


Shepherd Healthcare Solutions assists neurologists and other physicians to

effectively differentiate between dementia and depression, track disease progression and assess overall cognitive deficits associated with dementia and concussion/mTBI.

  • Differentiating dementia from depression

  • Detecting deficits in the brain early in the disease process

  • Tracking disease progression over time

  • Demonstrating medications are working

  • Facilitating better return to environment decisions post head injury

  • Predicting disease course and outcome after a concussion or TBI

FDA cleared ERP/qEPP device
 FDA cleared ERP/qEPP device
FDA cleared  ERP/qEPP device
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