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About Shepherd Healthcare Solutions

Shepherd Healthcare Solutions was established as a resource to Physicians to aid them in the Early Detection in High Risk Patients for various health issues including:

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Dementia

  • Depression

The Company's founder has extensive expertise and experience in the Clinical Diagnostics market with Quest Diagnostics, Manhattan Labs, & Cardio Diagnostics. OUR COGNITIVE TEST HAS A NUMBER OF BENEFITS:

  • We provide both the device and the technician.

  • Testing can be completed in 30 minutes

  • All tests provided are supported by CPT codes

  • Provides greater accuracy than previous methods.

To help provide the greatest care for their patients’ overall health, our device allows doctors the opportunity to do in-office testing that helps the physician to better understand the overall condition of the patient more quickly.  


The result of the test is instantaneous.  It is printed immediately upon the completion of the test.  The test results can also be downloaded into the physician's EMR.

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